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St.Paul's Basilica Outside the Walls

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OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass Benefits:

Free Entry & Multilingual Audioguide to St. Pauls Basilica

Free multi-lingual audioguide to one of Rome's four major Basilicas. With its exquisite interiors and breathtaking architecture the Basilica of St. Paul's outside the walls and cloister is a must see on your next visit. 

Until the construction of St. Peters Basilica in 1626, St.Paul's Basilica was the largest church in Rome. This being said, it is still one of Romes most important churches and continues to be a popular pilgrimage destination, even to this day. Built above St. Pauls grave, the church is a monument to the Apostle, with its intricate mosaics, bold columns and breathtaking pieces of artworks, this national monument isn't one to be missed.

Multilingal audioguides are available to purchase in English, Italian, Spanish, France and German. It is also possible to book a guided tour of the Basilica, Cloister, Pinacoteca and archaelogical site for a more interactive experience. 


  • The Cloister 

  • Marble columns and gold mosaics
  • The Atrium 
  • Portraits of the popes
  • Pinacoteca
  • Archeological site 


Did you know:

  • St. Pauls Basilica was destroyed by a fire in 1823, Pope Leo XII launched an appeal to have it reconstructed to its original form. Gifts and donations flooded in from various countries to help with the restoration. Once reopened it 1840 the temple was soon declared a national monument
  • Visitors are able to view portraits of each of the popes while a ray of sunshine symbolically lights up the portrait of the current pope, Pope Francis.
  • The walls are lined with mosaic portraits of every pope that has held it's position, up to 266 with 16 left blank. According to Roman legend, when the last spot is filled the world will come to an end.

Things to see:

The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament 

As the only chapel in the Basilica to survive the fire in 1823 it is an absolute must see. The beautiful space is particularly awe-inspiring for Catholics and is perfect for all casual travellers and art lovers.

The Pinacoteca

This Vatican Art Gallery was inaugurated on the 27th October 1932 in an isolated building considered to not only enhance the aesthetic value for vistors but to also correctly preserve the paintings through optimal lighting conditions. The Pinacoteca canvases some of the greatest Italian artists of all time from Giotto, Melozzo, Raphael to Leonardo, Tiziano, Perugino and Beato Angelico, with a total of 460 works spread across 18 rooms. If you appreciate art then yiou will find a wander around The Pinacoteca a rewarding and breathtaking experience. 

The Cloister

When visiting Basilica San Paolo you can't bypass The Cloister, it was built in 1208-1235 and unlike the church itself, it survived the fire in 1832. With mosaic work and ornate columns decorating the perimeters it is a large space that you'll enjoy exploring. There is a display of Roman sarcophagi and fragments of tomb stones that were discovered during excavations lining the garden, all held together by a water fountain situated in the centre. Once you've experienced the grandour of the church interior The Cloister is your next stop

How to get there:

  • By Metro - Laurentina (Metro B line)
  • By Bus - Pincherle/Parrovano, stop at Ostiense/LGT S.Paolo (Bus number 23)
  • The Terminal Station - From terminal station get Metro line B in the direction of Laurerntina, stop at Basilica San Paolo


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The Omnia Card saved us hours in line - definitely worth the money! We wanted to see as many things as possible during our 5 days in Rome. We saved literally hours in line at the Vatican Museums by using the Omnia Card, plus we got a free audio guide for St. Peter's Basilica. Additionally it got us free or reduced admission to the many archaeological sites we wanted to see. Lastly their customer service was phenomenal. We had lots of questions to which their staff had answers and went out of their way to ensure that we were getting the most out of our card. I would not recommend any other way to see Rome!
Laura Wasem from USA

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