Free Entry to Carcer Tullianum, Museum and Multimedia Device

Carcer Tullianum

  • Carcer Tullianum
  • Carcer Tullianum

OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass Benefits:

Free Entry to Carcer Tullianum, Museum and Multimedia Device

Experience one of the most fascinating and crucial monuments of the Roman period. With its great historical and archaeological wealth it is worth delving underneath the Church of St. Joseph ‘‘the Carpenter’ to explore and learn about the history of the Mamertine Prison.

Carcer Tullianum is one of Romes hidden treasures. The first signs of the place date back to the ninth century BC and the prison is situated underneath the Church of St. Joseph. With its low ceilings, dark cramped rooms and untouched feel, you'll leave fullfilling your morbid curiosity. The Tulianum comes with ancient roman myths of the great St Peter, baptising fellow martyrs at the foot of the spring, this created a devotion that attracted pilgrimages, even to this day. 

Your visit to the Carcer Tullianum is supplemented with a multimedia guide that includes the use of a tablet, helping you gain a better insight on the reconstruction, the history, the ancient traditions as well as insights of items that were found during excavations. The tour is available in English, Italian and Spanish.


  • The Roman Forum

  • A plaque listing the martyrs
  • The Circular lower room (Tullianum)
  • The Upper room (Carcer)
  • An alter symbolising St Peters execution


Did you know:

  • As a means of getting the matyrs inside the prison, they simply dropped them into their cell through a hole in the ceiling. 
  • The Cancer Tullianum was for a long time the only public prison in ancient Rome. it was reserved for important state prisoners, more often than not they were put in there prior their execution.
  • There is a Roman legend that states St Paul and St Peter were both imprisoned there before they were executed, to this day it is unknown as to whether it's infact true or myth
  • Another legend is that the spring found infront of the alter in the Tullianum was flooded by St. Peter so that he could baptise his fellow prisoners and guards.
  • The cross found on the alter is the wrong way up because it is believed St Peter asked to be crucified upside down so that he wasn't emulating christ. 


Things to see:


The Tullianum, also known as the circular lower room, is the cell where the prisoners were thrown into before execution. The alter that is backed with the belief that St Peter baptized his fellow prisoners is situated at the back. 


Also known as the upper room, has a plaque mounted to the wall displaying all the most celebrated prisoners. Plus you'll find a hole in the floor that is now covered up for safety reasons - the hole falls directy into the Tullianum, this was the method in which they dropped the prisoners into the cell. 

The Roman Forum

Once you've finished exploring the prison, you can then venture out to see the breathtaking views across the Roman Forum, one of the most famous and impressive views across the city.


The small alter and upside down cross found at the back of the cell symbolises St Peters execution, which is accompanied by the bars that he was supposedly chained to.

How to get there:

  • You can find the Carcer Tullianum at north-west corner of the forum, at the bottom of a long flight of steps leading up to the Piazza del Campidoglio


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