How does the OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass work?

The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass is valid for three consecutive days and is the key to your sightseeing adventure. Promising free, Fast Track and discounted entry to Rome’s most popular museums and monuments, this sightseeing package will save you both time and money on your trip.

Save money

The Card has been designed to save you money on entry fees and transportation costs. At a one-off price, The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass will allow you entry into the Vatican City for free, as well as grant you free entry into two of Rome’s most historical sites, including the Colosseum and Roman Forum – among many others!

See how you can start saving money from day one:

Rome Attractions Normal Adult Entry Cost
Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums  €30.00
Rome Bus Tour €32.00
Colosseum €16.00
National Museum of Castel Sant'Angelo €15.00
St Peter's Basilica with Audio Guide €19.50

Already, visiting just 6 of Rome’s top attractions would set you back €112.50 - and that’s not including transport to get to and from these popular attractions.

TOP TIPThe OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass is only valid during a 72-hour period. And using your pass at the first attraction or on public transport activates it. Plan your trip in advance to ensure you get the most from your sightseeing. 

Save time

The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass will also save you queuing for admission as it acts as a museum pass and your ticket for all the attractions included.*

The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass also grants you Fast Track Entry into the Vatican Museums, Colosseum and Roman Forum, as well as the Palatine Hill, with skip-the-line privileges – great in the busier summer months.

Don’t forget, your travelcard is included in the package too, so you can get from A to B a little quicker (and easier!) with all your transport needs covered.

*some might require further payment

Activation & Validity

The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass is valid for 72 consecutive hours once activated. Your sightseeing pass will become activated upon entry into one of the included attractions, or when you travel on the transport network with your travelcard. Prior to activation, your OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass package will be valid for 12 months after purchase.

STEP 1: Go to the Collection Desk in central Rome to collect your sightseeing package upon arrival

STEP 2: Activate your pass by using it at your first attraction, or on a public transport network

STEP 3: Enjoy the wide range of historical attractions Rome has to offer, available with the OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass. You can visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, explore St Peter's Basilica with an audio guide, plus experience the Colosseum and the Roman Forum at no further cost!

Note: You may not enter the same attraction twice.

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It's a must if you are visiting Rome. This pass allowed us to jump the very long queue at the coliseum, it also gave us free access to all the major sights in Rome. The open top bus was the best way to travel around the city centre. I also used the pass to travel on the underground metro train. When I return to Rome, this pass will be the first thing I will purchase.
Martyn Young from UK