Roma Pass: Save Money and Skip the Queues in Rome

Explore Rome’s ancient history with the Roma Pass; included in The OMNIA Vatican & Rome Card it will help you explore Rome’s ancient history and is the perfect addition to this sightseeing package.

The Roma Pass is your key to discovering the Eternal City and grants you free entry into two of Rome’s most popular historic landmarks and archaeological sites, as well as discounted entry to 30 more museums and monuments thereafter.

Popular sites include: the Coliseum, Capitoline Museums, Roman Forum & the Palatine Hill, Villa Borghese Gallery, Castle Sant’Angelo; the ruins at Appia Antica and Ostia Antica, and many more contemporary art galleries and museums.

TOP TIPYou can visit the Coliseum and the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill for free with the Roma Pass - already that's a saving of €24 before you've even started!

The Roma Pass comes with:

The Roma Pass Card – to gain free and discounted entry into Rome’s top sites

Roma Pass Travelcard – which acts as your ticket across Rome’s public transport network

As well as helping you make the most of your trip to Rome, the Roma Pass acts as your Travelcard and is valid for three consecutive days once activated at your first museum, or on your first journey. Together with the Roma Pass your package is made up of a detailed map and guidebook, to help you get the most out of your sightseeing experience.

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We hit all the famous sites in Rome with no wait time. We just flashed the card and walked right past the security guards and the long lines at St Peters and the Colloseum. We also enjoyed the double decker tour bus which we used to get around Rome along with the subway pass that was included. We never needed a taxi while we were there. The only thing I would change is to send the information and maps at the time of purchase. We could have planed our trip better and found the Omnia offices easier if we would have had some advance help. I found a lot of useful information in the package after we left Rome. I recommend this card to everyone going to Rome.
Patrick Powers from USA