Fast Track Entry Ticket for Rome Attractions - OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass

Use The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass to save time with Fast Track Entry privileges and the benefits of a free travelcard. Some of the city sights and attractions in Rome and the Vatican City are hugely popular and can attract a large number of visitors, particularly in the peak summer months where 4-hour queues can be expected. This is where the benefits of our VIP Fast Track Entry comes in.

With The OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass, you can forget about waiting in line. Simply show your card to go straight to the front of the queue at these popular attractions:

  • St Peter's Basilica 
  • Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel
  • The Colosseum (pre-booking required)
  • Roman Forum

Since you’ve already pre-bought the card, it also saves you the hassle of carrying around enough cash for last minute entry fees, too. With the OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass, it’s all pre-paid for to save you the stress!

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I found the Omnia Vatican and Rome card to be extremely good value for money. I traveled with 5 other adults, who had not been to Rome before, so we were able to see everyting we needed so see, without the hassle of having to set out an itenerary prior to our trip. The card was great, as it meant we did not have to stand in long queues. I would not hesitate to recommend the Omnia Vatican & Rome Card to anyone.
Helen Osborne from UK